5 Gluten-Free Dishes You Can Get At Any Indian Restaurant

Eating a gluten-free diet can restrict your options when it comes to eating out with friends or family, but there a number of Indian dishes that are naturally gluten-free. Naan bread is off the menu, but lentils, vegetables and rice are all used in abundance and there are even a few gluten-free bread options to enjoy such as rice pooris and dosas. Look out for these five naturally gluten-free dishes the next time you visit your local Indian restaurant:

Masala Dosa

This vegetarian dish is similar to a filled crepe and is popular throughout Southern India. Dosas are made with lentil flour and rice flour, and masala dosa is filled with potatoes and onions seasoned with ginger, chillies and cumin. This is a warming, hearty dish that's typically served with mango chutney and can be filled out with a side order of steamed vegetables.

Lamb Biryani

This is a rice-based dish flavoured with a number of spices including cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. All the ingredients are cooked together in one pot with a meat stock that's absorbed by the rice during cooking, so it's packed with flavour. A green salad and a boiled egg are typical accompaniments to lamb biryani, so it's a complete meal that won't leave you hungry.

Chicken Tikka

Classic chicken tikka is a staple on all Indian restaurant menus and for good reason. The chicken is marinated in a creamy yoghurt seasoned with garam masala, garlic and lemon juice before being grilled. The tender meat is then served on a bed of rice with a side of raita, which is a refreshing cucumber and mint dip.

Vegetable Pakora

Whether enjoying them as a starter or snack, vegetable pakora are delicious dipped in a spicy tomato and mint sauce. The batter is made with spices, chickpea flour and water and vegetables are stirred into the batter before it's fried in tablespoon-sized portions. Popular vegetables include spinach, peas, sweet potato, aubergine, onions, mushrooms and cauliflower.


Thali is similar to tapas in that it includes a selection of small dishes that are ideal for sharing and allows you to sample a variety of flavours. Each thali platter contains a lentil dish, a small bowl of rice, poppadoms, a vegetable curry, chutneys and pickled vegetables, and a yoghurt-based sauce. Poppadoms are a type of flatbread made with chickpea flour and are ideal for scooping up curry.

These are just a few popular Indian dishes that are gluten-free. If you'd like to widen your choice, just ask a server at a restaurant like Royal India Restaurant which dishes on the menu would be suitable for your diet.