Choosing a memorable restaurant for your engagement proposal

If you are preparing to pop the question to your girlfriend, you may be pondering the best location for your proposal. Restaurants are a popular location for proposals for good reason, offering delicious food and a romantic atmosphere. Here are some ideas to get you started choosing the restaurant for your proposal.

A spectacular location

Australia has a wealth of beautiful scenery, from beachfront locations to spectacular cityscapes. If you are looking for a memorable backdrop for your proposal, check out the view at the time you plan on proposing.  If it's a popular restaurant it can be worth checking out posts on social media to check how the restaurant looks on a normal night.

You might want to request a special table in the restaurant to maximise your view. Some restaurants have private dining areas specifically for these moments!

The meal of a lifetime

If you and your girlfriend are foodies, proposing marriage can be a good reason to finally book that meal of a lifetime in the most exclusive fine dining restaurant you've ever dreamed of eating at. You'll often want to book these a long way in advance due to the popularity of these restaurants, so make a note to try booking weeks ahead of your intended date.

These types of restaurants are relatively closely packed in terms of tables, so you may have a little less space and freedom to move around for your proposal so you may not be able to be get down on your knees for your proposal (or bring in a musical quartet for added atmosphere). Be prepared for a slightly quieter and more subdued atmosphere if you choose this option.

A meaningful restaurant

Of course if the two of you already have a significant restaurant, such as the place you met or went on your first date, then this can also be a great place for a proposal. Even if it's not the fanciest restaurant it can still be a romantic location for you both due to your memories. Try booking on a quiet night such as a Wednesday so you can have some more flexibility to get creative with your proposal.

Be sure to let the restaurant know about your planned proposal so they can help to coordinate arrival of the course, and extra items such as champagne. They can also be on hand to take a photo so you can remember this time for the rest of your life.