3 Tips For Ordering At A Chinese Restaurant When You're Vegan

Chinese cuisine features lots of seafood and pork dishes, so it may not be the type of restaurant you would choose to visit as a vegan. Eating a vegan diet can reduce your options when it comes to eating out, but you can still enjoy Chinese food if you put your server's knowledge to the test before you order. Here are three tips for ordering at a Chinese restaurant when you're vegan:

3 Traditional Sichuan Dishes You Need To Try

Sichuan cuisine is popular across Australia, but the dishes commonly ordered in Chinese restaurants and from takeaways aren't always the most authentic. Restaurants have had to modify dishes to accommodate Western tastes, but you'll still find traditional dishes on the menu at any good Sichuan restaurant. Sichuan cuisine, which originates from Southern China, uses vegetables and spices abundantly. Most dishes contain chillies and garlic, and the citrusy flavour of Sichuan pepper combines with the chillies to create the popular hot and sour dishes found throughout the region.