6 Fun Facts about Sushi Train restaurants

Do you enjoy a regular night out at the sushi restaurant? Regardless of whether you're an avid fan, simply curious or planning a first time visit to a sushi restaurant here are six fun facts to prepare you for your sushi train experience. Sushi train is an Aussie term Sushi train is the common term for conveyor belt in Australia, but in other countries it's called other terms such as sushi-go-round, conveyor sushi or kaitzen-sushi.

5 Gluten-Free Dishes You Can Get At Any Indian Restaurant

Eating a gluten-free diet can restrict your options when it comes to eating out with friends or family, but there a number of Indian dishes that are naturally gluten-free. Naan bread is off the menu, but lentils, vegetables and rice are all used in abundance and there are even a few gluten-free bread options to enjoy such as rice pooris and dosas. Look out for these five naturally gluten-free dishes the next time you visit your local Indian restaurant: